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Mask in Style


This page was last updated on 09/05/2022 at 9pm AEST


KFMP supports the ATAGI and NSW health guidelines that all patients eligible for vaccination should be vaccinated to protect their own health and that of those around them.

As such, we encourage all patients to be vaccinated and will work with you to ensure you can find an appropriate vaccination option. 


Please discuss with your GP your vaccination options. 

If you are worried about one specific brand of vaccine, then in Australia we are very lucky that we have several options, and an alternate vaccine may be available to you or your family member. 


Vaccine exemptions will not be given from any doctor at KFMP. 


KFMP supports the NSW health guidelines for Masks. 

When NSW health declares an at risk infection level (when there are active cases in the community) it is essential that all staff and patients over the age of 12, and younger when able, wear a mask within the practice.

Where you are unable to wear a mask inside, you will be offered a telehealth appointment as an alternative. 

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