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Pregnancy Support

Pregnancy Support

Pregnancy Planning

Planning or trying to have a baby? We can discuss how to reach a great place, physically and mentally, to conceive. Physical health, ovulation windows, infertility concerns, mindfulness, immunisations and supplements; there are a wide number of things to talk about on the path towards achieving a pregnancy. If you are planning a pregnancy and want some advice and support, a GP is the best place to start to provide counselling and optimisation on your pregnancy journey.

Antenatal GP Shared Care

At KFMP we can look after your pregnancy in collaboration with Sutherland or St George Hospital.

Dr Mel shares her philosophy here: “to provide thorough and thoughtful pregnancy care to each woman in a way that complements her natural maternal instincts during her pregnancy journey”’ For more info, visit

After Pregnancy (Postnatal) Care

Childbirth and early pregnancy is very demanding on a mother and on a family. It is important to see your GP after pregnancy to assess for childbirth trauma, breast feeding concerns and mental health / wellbeing.

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