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Cervical screening

Cervical Screening Test (CSTs) – formerly called PAP Smears

CSTs are regular screening tests for women to detect cervical cancer. The guidelines have changed and as such, if you have never had a CST or it has been a while since your last pap smear or CST, see one of our GPs for information and make sure you are up to date.

There are new guidelines for self collection of CSTs that may be appropriate for you!

New guidelines are up to five years between tests.

Periods (Menstrual) concerns 

The GPs at KFMP can help you with a number of menstrual / period problems.

1. Heavy painful periods

2.  Endometriosis

3.  Fibroids

4.  Polycystic ovaries

If your periods change, or are troublesome (heavy bleeding, painful, irregular / prolonged or frequent bleeding) it is important to see your GP to determine if there is a medical cause or medical solution to your symptoms.

Taking Care of the Kids

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