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Training Our Future Doctors

Medical Students

Kirrawee Family Medical Practice is an endorsed training organisation, affiliated with the University of New South Wales Medical School and the University of Wollongong and is a long term provider of medical student training. This ongoing commitment to providing quality education services facilitates our own education and training.


At Kirrawee Family Medical Practice, we train GP registrars both in their final year (GPT3 & GPT4) of their training. We believe teaching GP registrars help us as a team to teach, learn and improve. We are passionate about teaching the next generation of General Practitioners.

 The GP Registrars are closely supervised in every aspect of their clinical work by our GP mentors like Dr Hoffman, Dr Crane, Dr Timms and Dr Urch.

Our previous registrars have Fellowed and become specialists of the Royal Australian College of General Practice. Some have stayed with us, and others have moved on to practices closer to their home, or moved countries to follow their dreams. Below is a list of past & present registrars at KFMP.

  • Dr Sam Watson

  • Dr Ryan Barton

  • Dr James Kelly

  • Dr Georgia McMahon

  • Dr Lauren Feitelson

  • Dr Sasha Cooper

  • Dr Jessica Jellins

  • Dr Michael Youssef

  • Dr Kate O'Neill

  • Dr Gemma Urch

  • Dr Karimi Williams

  • Dr Alexandra Hanbury

  • Dr Antony Bolton

  • Dr Adam Millar

  • Dr Pearl Wang

  • Dr Jeremy Solomon

  • Dr Holly Inglis

  • Dr Daniel Yeo

  • Dr Joy Chin-Hsien

  • Dr Paul Fanous

  • Dr Akanksha Chandra

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