Skin Cancer Clinic

Annual Skin checks | Surgical Audit | Nursing support | Preventative programs | and more...

We have developed a purpose built facility to deliver a full range of skin cancer services.  These include:

Annual Skin Cancer Checks

People with a predisposition to developing skin cancer should be checked at least annually.  Some people need to be checked more often.

Surgical Audit

Doctors at the clinic send the specimens to a specialised laboratory with expertise in skin cancer pathology.  Statistics are kept and are used to benchmark our clinicians against other doctors providing skin cancer services.

Nursing support

Practice nurses have been trained in assisting clinic doctors, thereby providing a faster, more reliable service.

Custom facilities

The clinic has been set up with an automated patient table to ensure the patients are comfortable and the doctors work at an ergonomic height.  Pictures can be taken of lesions and stored for future comparison.

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