The Grace Clinic

The Grace clinic is designed to help people struggling with an alcohol dependency. It is a one week outpatient alcohol cessation program for those experiencing negative effects of alcohol and who are ready to make a change in a supportive environment.In Australia, many people experience alcohol dependence and problem use. If this is left unchecked it can lead to liver disease, contribute to cancer risk, obesity, and worsen our mental health. After the pandemic, KFMP’s doctors have been noticing an increased number of people seeking help reducing their alcohol intake. In response to this, we are developing the Grace Clinic.

The Grace Clinic may be suitable for you have isolated alcohol dependence or problem use that is causing problems with your family, work, social life. It involves an initial and suitability risk assessment, alcohol cessation counselling, medical and medication support to support and keep you safe and comfortable cessation, on ongoing medication to reduce the risk of returning to drinking. During the one week cessation period, KFMP will provide daily monitoring and support to help you reach your goal across that period and ongoing monitoring over the next three months.

Stage 1- Suitability Assessment

Book a "long consult" (30mins) with any of our GPs to determine suitability and to find out if this program is appropriate for you, if it is, we will organise some investigations, start some initial vitamins and schedule Stage 2.

Stage 2 - Grace Clinic

A week long clinic. You will need to ensure you can book in for an appointment every week day for a full week (ie. Monday-Monday, no appointment on Sunday) you will be seen each day by a GP or a nurse. All feees are paid on day 1.

Stage 3 - Follow up

Our nurses will follow you in a week, a months and three months time to see how you are going.

As Grace clinic is providing an outpatient clinic, it is essential that we determine who is safe to participate. To be eligible you must have a close family member or friend who can support you throughout the week, you can not be taking any other drugs of addiction, we reserve the right to only provide this service to those who are appropriate for an outpatient clinic environment.


$800 - for stage 2 paid on day 1 (Medicare rebate may apply if eligible).

How to book

Please book a long appointment with your GP at KFMP to determine suitability for the program.

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