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Diabetes Centre

Enhanced Primary Care Programs | Group and individual Education | Insulin Initiation | and more...

Kirrawee Diabetes Centre

Our healthcare team is here to help with blood glucose monitoring, healthy eating and physical activity.


One-on-one sessions are also available, where new patients are explained the nature and progression of the disease and how best to maximise their health and wellbeing.

Insulin initiation

Our practice nurses are familiar with injection technique, blood glucose monitoring and dosage control, to help take the worry out of starting insulin.

Diabetes Psychology

Depression and mental health issues are three times more common in diabetics than in the general population.  We offer consultation with our psychologist who has a special interest in diabetes.

Blood Glucose Monitoring

Our nurses offer training in house of blood glucose monitoring equipment.  We can download data from these devices to help optimise insulin therapy.

Pathology Services and Electronic Health Record

Our in-house pathology collection services and electronic patient record system means we can keep track of your blood sugar, HBA1c, kidney function, foot health and smoking /exercise / weight status over time.

Service benchmarking

We are part of the Primary Care Collaboratives, a national organisation which does regular benchmarking against similar quality-oriented practices.  We are proud of our track record in keeping our diabetics well controlled, resulting in better health outcomes.

Taking Care of the Kids

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