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Senior Person's

Annual Health Assessments | Osteoporosis Checks and Prolia Administration | Chronic Disease Management Plans | and more...

Senior Person’s Health Centre

We have a proud tradition of treating older patients in the Shire.  We have a range of equipment, including ECG machines, lung function tests, in-house INR and glucose testing and can perform  minor procedures (e.g. skin cancer removal, wound dressings).  Our nurses are there to help you, complementing our team of doctors.

Also on site is our psychologist to help you with mental health issues and a podiatrist to provide nail and foot care. We also have an in-house physiotherapist to look after your muscle, back aches etc.

We also focus on:

Annual Health Assessments

A nurse conducts annual health assessments designed to make sure you remain as healthy and independent for as long as possible.

Osteoporosis checks

We provide regular screening for osteoporosis via a combination of on-site checks as well as monitoring by local bone density providers

Chronic Disease Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements

Ensuring you derive maximum benefits from the many Medicare Allied Health Services that are available.  We coordinate your care between the specialists and hospitals you visit as well

Home visits

Are offered by our nursing team to support ageing in the home. Please discuss with our nursing team if you think this may be appropriate. 

Dementia Screening

We regularly check our patients to see if they would benefit form the new medications available to slow the progression of dementia

Veterans Affairs patients

We have large number of Veterans for whom we provide a range of services including Webster packs, government  supplied blood pressure machines, elastic stockings, reduced costs for incontinence pads, D904 forms

Influenza and pneumococcal

Annual vaccine programs

Medication Management

We can conduct home medication reviews in conjunction with your local pharmacist and also arrange for dose dispensing aids also known as Webster packs.

Independent Living, Hostel and Nursing Home Care

Should you feel you need to move out of your home to a facility more suited to your current health care needs, we are available to provide continuity of care

Taking Care of the Kids

We're here to help, contact us today

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