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Travel Medicine

Travelling overseas in unfamiliar environments can come with risks to your health.  Our medical staff can discuss your requirements with you and set up a pre-travel plan.

We carry a full range of vaccinations and can offer comprehensive advice on appropriate travel medications, preventative measures and travel tips.

Chronic Disease Management

Our doctors and nursing staff are very experienced in effectively managing chronic conditions like diabetes, lung disease, cancer, heart disease and connective tissue disorders.  Our experienced practitioners can coordinate, plan and monitor your care, acting as an effective link between your specialists and allied health practitioners.

Also on site is our psychologists (Luke Ireland and Allison Scott) to help you with mental health issues and a podiatrist (Rebecca Angus) to provide nail and foot care. We also have an in-house physiotherapist (Celine Galvin) to look after your muscles, back and other aches.

Sports Medicine

We have doctors who are keen athletes and can provide both injury prevention and injury treatment services, including online access to X-ray, MRI, CT scan and bone scan images. We have exercise physiologists, dietitian and physiotherapists within walking distance, some of them working from our premises.

Workers Compensation

With an industrial complex nearby we deal with a wide range of Workers Compensation cases.  Our doctors are familiar with current legislation and the necessary forms and procedures.

Aviation Medicine

Dr Annalyse Crane is a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME). She provides class 1/2/3 medicals as a CASA delegate for all pilots and air traffic controllers.

Mental Health

We recognize that the treatment of mental health illnesses like anxiety/depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and children's mental health issues like autism spectrum disorders, hyperactivity disorders and adjustment disorders require special skills and understanding.  Many of our practitioners have had specialized mental health training and have the necessary field experience to provide appropriate support.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Luke Ireland and Allison Scott work together with our GPs to provide a team approach to your mental health issues.  All our GPs have undergone mental health training and are able to develop Mental Health Care Plans to ensure maximal Medicare funding is available for your counselling consultations.

Indigenous Health

Having an indigenous community and Community Health Care Centre nearby, we have a proud tradition of offering culturally appropriate indigenous health care. Patients are offered Closing the Gap prescriptions and regular Health Assessments.

Disability Care

Our team of nurses, doctors and psychologists provide a comprehensive service to patients with disability.  These services are offered with compassion and with an understanding of the various state and federal community services that are available.

Iron Infusion

Iron infusions can be used to treat iron deficiency. It is important to see your GP to discuss your symptoms and determine if this is an appropriate way to treat iron deficiency and also to investigate the cause of the symptoms.

We now offer iron infusions at the practice - please see one of our GPs for more information

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